Updates 4/21/2020

Server Launch

The Server is far from finished, but in wake of Covid-19 I figured this was the perfect time to launch the server. We are coming up on the 6th
anniversary of SilabGarzas final demise and while I know this server will never come to be what that server was, I hope we can get at least a
small community together of original members and bring back some of our childhood.

A little bit about the server- The server is a DEOB, so it is a decompiled version of OSRS, as much as possible is original OSRS code, including the
entire client. The version that this was taken from is exactly one update before the Slayer Update (Moving NPCs around the world) So slayer cave is still
the original slayer cave. All of the Chambers items are in and fully working. There are currently no plans to transition the server into the current version,
too many NPCs and would take quite a larger team than just me to complete. I'm not opposed to the idea if the server demands it however.

Incentives- To add some appeal to the server there will be cash incentives. While no challenges in the coming days or weeks there will be posted
competitions. An example of these competitions will be something like "First to get 25m slayer xp gets $40".

However if you're really wanting money, I will pay $25 to any dupe currently found, this number will be increased as bugs become more scarce.

Server Store/Donations- The plan is to be similar to the SG store you knew but some balancing fixes.

Voting- A way to receive the voting rewards will come very soon, however actually voting will not exist until as a community we are happy with the server.

Staff- I will be taking a Runescape approach, a very small group of admins who will be paid, and a decent bit of mods with limited power.

Welcome to the server and I hope to see familiar faces.

View Media of the server: HERE